Citadel Dry Paint Set

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    You can do surprisingly good things with drybrushing. It's a simple technique that enables you to quickly and easily highlight your basecoated and shaded miniatures.

    The Citadel Dry Paint Set contains 10 pots of Citadel Dry Paint that are designed to be applied over the base colours found in the Citadel Base Paint Set.

    1 S Dry Brush
    10 Paints
    ‣ Hexos Palesun
    ‣ Eldar Flesh
    ‣ Golgfag Brown
    ‣ Dawnstone
    ‣ Sigmarite
    ‣ Niblet Green
    ‣ Terminatus Stone
    ‣ Necron Compound
    ‣ Chronus Blue
    ‣ Astorath Red

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